Trout fishing at Whitewater Creek
A foggy Organ Mountain morning
Fillmore Canyon Waterfall
Hiking near Fillmore Canyon in the Organs
photos by Wayne and Kiki Suggs
Soledad Canyon 

Classic New Mexico Homes
Pool at Fillmore Canyon
Soledad Canyon 

Petroglyphs in the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument

Wayne and Santa have something in common.
The Gadsden Room at the Double Eagle Restaurant in Mesilla. 
The Main Dining Room at the Double Eagle Restaurant in Mesilla. 
Josephina's Gate 
A Restaurant in a Historic Residence in Mesilla
Locals purchasing vegetables at Las Cruces Farmers Market
San Albino Church in Mesilla 
Soledad Canyon 
Fillmore Canyon 
Fillmore Canyon 
La Posta de  Mesilla, now a restaurant, was once an important stop on the Butterfield Stagecoach Line 
Dining Room in La Posta de Mesilla