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We have always felt that our home design and construction has been an artistic outlet for us.  Our homes tend to attract artists and extremely creative people.  Because of this fact, we have created this section of our website specifically for ourselves, our home owners, and friends, to display their artistic talents and offer their wares to the general public.  
Please enjoy viewing these creations and let us know if you're interested in any piece in particular or feel free to give your comments.

Classic New Mexico Homes
Cindy Duff
Cindy's most recent medium is religious mosaics utilizing much more than tile pieces.  She incorporates the most interesting bits and pieces of glass, pebbles, hand made clay pieces, miniatures and more, to create an incredibly pleasing work of art.  Note the detail on these mosaics. These works  look beautiful when framed by a nicho inside or outside the home.
Kiki Suggs
Douglas T. Martin  (more coming soon)
Mary Talamini          
Michael B. Heard 
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I love art. It's as simple as that.  I've had no formal training, but I know what I like, and I know what I like to paint.  It makes me happy to create something beautiful to my eye.  If it makes other people feel the same way, then I feel I have really accomplished something.  I love to capture nature in my paintings because it brings back the memories of the time and place.  The moment can last and be savored over and over again.
Doug's paintings are whimsical and colorful.  They capture perfectly the wonderful essence of the wildlife and fauna here in New Mexico.  His artwork is addicting and fulfilling to the soul.

Mike is Kiki's brother and he's been turning wood and working with wood since his early teens.   Most of the wood comes from the mountains of Kingston, NM, where Mike and Kiki spent their childhood.  A lot of black walnut, juniper, cottonwood, elm, and even mulberry are used in these bowls.  These bowls bring the outside into the home and go hand in hand with our New Mexico style homes.
Virginia Maria Romero
Virginia Maria Romero’s artwork is in national and international private and museum collections, as well as featured in books, film, periodicals, and numerous group and solo exhibits. A biographical sketch that recognizes Romero as an important New Mexico artist is included on the New Mexico Office of the State Historian website: www.newmexicohistory.org - under biographies, occupations, & women.   In
2013 Romero was recognized as a distinguished Artist and Poet by the American Council for Polish Culture.

Romero is an award winning artist whose works reflect original contemporary designs that express the distinctive voice of their creator. The style, color and compositions of her acrylics as well as her pigmented wood panels and sculpture continue to exhibit her uniqueness and creative quality. Romero’s works inspired by the culture of New Mexico and her Polish/Irish heritage are just as strongly driven by her own experiences, setting her works apart from others of similar genres. Romero’s panel paintings, and sculpture are done using carved and/or adzed pine panels, homemade gesso, water-soluble pigment, hand collected ground pigments as available including; ochre, cochineal, black walnut, and sealed with homemade piñon sap varnish, & wax. “Romero has taken an ancient art form and redefined it, reinvented it, and made it her own.” “Virginia Maria Romero’s art speaks a language unlike any other…it is a language of the heart, of the soul, of life...”

Romero’s artwork has been selected for collections that include: Pope Benedict XVI, and Cardinal Levada, Vatican City, Rome; Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos, NM; El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM; New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum, Las Cruces, NM; Basilica of San Albino, Mesilla, NM; San Miguel Mission, Santa Fe, NM; Maria Stein Heritage Museum/National Marian Shrine of the Holy Relics, Maria Stein, OH; Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine and Parish, Mesilla Park, NM; Holy Cross Retreat, Las Cruces, NM; St. Francis Jerome Church, Center, CO; The Friars of the Sick Poor of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA; Santa Francesca Romana, Rome; Basilica di San Miniato al Monte, Florence, Italy; Monte Olivito Maggiore; Virgin Galactic; New Mexico Centennial Commemorative artist, Santa Fe, NM.

Original Acrylic on canvas, titles: Yuna:Wikko’o; Crossing Over; & Sun Dog by Virginia Maria Romero ©1998-2013 All rights reserved

Virginia Maria Romero: agzromero@zianet.com
 Arté de Romero tile & murals: 575 644-0214
Mary is an extremely talented artist and a wonderful person as well.  We love her colorful artwork and really enjoyed combining our artistic talents with hers to create a unique home for her and Bob.
Wayne Suggs - Photographer
Since before Wayne and I were married 37 years ago, he loved to take pictures.  We have always enjoyed his photographs and we would like to share them with you here.  We hope you enjoy them. 

Click on this photo to see Wayne's Photography Website
Below is a video showing the life of Wayne, the photographer.  Enjoy!