Classic New Mexico Homes  Construction Crew  from left to right:  
Wayne Suggs, Kiki Suggs, Greg Duff, Adrian Del Muro
Classic New Mexico Homes consists of the design and construction team of Wayne and Kiki Suggs  We have been involved in the construction industry as subcontractors  for over 31 years and we have been building and designing homes since 1986. 
Greg Duff  brings 30 years of experience in the construction industry.  He brings creativity to the home, and with his hand built cabinetry and woodworking abilities, he adds a rustic authenticity to our New Mexican homes.
Adrian Del Muro is the youngest member of our crew and a valuable addition to the team.  Not only is he creative, but he's eager to learn.
Irma Maez keeps our office running smoothly and stays on the go bringing supplies to the jobsite.  We couldn't do without her.

Classic New Mexico Homes

Last but not least, Giggsy is the canine addition to our crew.  When we're really stumped, he's ready to advise us.  

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We believe in quality, not quantity when it comes to designing and building a home, and we are hands on builders involved in every aspect of the project. We take pride in creating homes that are not only a joy to live in, but homes that create a lasting impression on all who spend time in them.

Irma Maez